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Evaluation Criteria

While a variety of considerations are used in evaluating proposals, the

Foundation will pay special attention to the following:


Does the proposed project effectively address the key issues aligned with the

Foundation’s funding areas with significant reach and impact?

Plan of Operation

Is there good potential for the proposed project to reach its stated objectives?

Technical Soundness

Does the applicant exhibit a thorough knowledge of current developments in economic education, and are the proposed methodologies and/or implementation designs adequate?

Quality of Key Personnel and Reputation of the Institution

The quality of any co-sponsoring institutions will also be considered under this criteria.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Does the applicant partner with and leverage existing economic education institutions with expertise? 

Budget and Cost Effectiveness

Leveraged uses of Foundation funds along with possible matching sources will be evaluated favorably.



All proposals should have an evaluation component. The Foundation is interested in knowing how the project will be measured against its stated objectives.

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